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Our ready to use BCS tools expedite the process of defining
- Consolidation units
- FS Items
- Consolidation Profit Centers
- Profit Center hierarchies

SEM-BCS in SAP ERP provides complete functionality for the legally required consolidation by company and segment (for example by US GAAP, IAS and local GAAPs).

At the same time it enables you to carry out management consolidations based on user-defined organizational units and user-defined hierarchies. Using automation, SEM-BCS can significantly accelerate the consolidation process.

The treatment of balance differences ranges from automated posting of currency-related variances to automatic creation of letters/e-mails/faxes etc. between organizational units for reconciling balance differences. SEM-BCS allows consolidation simulations, for example, to determine the effects of mergers and acquisitions, different currency translation methods or changed consolidation rules.

The internal and external consolidations can be based on the same data basis. This harmonizes the financial accounting and management accounting systems. The data structures for the management consolidation, however, provide the required flexibility, for example, to analyze the consolidated revenue for customer groups, destinations, product groups or distribution channels.

SEM-BCS allows you to automate Economic Profit calculations at the level of internal organizational units, legal entities and at every desired group level. You can define the necessary adjustments and allocations in advance and have them posted automatically.

The SEM-BCS functionality is also used by the SEM-BPS and SEM-CPM components for consolidation of plan data and for reporting. SEM-BCS provides the relevant functions in the form of a consolidation engine.