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Business Planning and Simulation

SAP ERP supports integrated business planning
SAP ERP enhances the accuracy and sophistication of a company's financial plans and forecasts while curtailing and simplifying its budgeting and planning processes. The solution allows organizations to update budgets more frequently; meet changing business conditions; and combine traditional, bottom-up budgeting with top-down strategic planning. In addition, the solution encourages a more collaborative budgeting and planning process that involves a greater number of departmental and divisional managers, while at the same time helping companies integrate strategic, operational, and financial plans to ensure that all business activities are in line with the business strategy.

Key capabilities include the following:

Strategic planning - focuses in the value drivers that a company identifies as valid to manage success and which thus are most important.

Financial statement planning - allows you to collaboratively plan the profit & loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement, accelerating this complex process.

Investment planning - supports a structured entry of capital requirements by organizational unit.